Does your child need to improve their grades?


Free tutoring in Math and Reading for 1st-12th Grade students. 


Get an understanding of the foundation of money management, budgeting, saving, investing, and debt.  Join us to find out more.

This class is for youth and adults.


Specially designed workshop on how to develop a mock business using graphic design and branding.


For students ages 12-18.


Learn to understand the social construction of race and gender, identify social and environmental factors which may negatively impact Black men, increase awareness of your own culture, gain knowledge of the history of systematic oppression of Black men, and discuss strategies for providing empowerment.


STEM teaches critical thinking and innovation. Provides unique opportunities for teamwork. Helps students develop Project Management Skills. 


This class is for youth and adults.


Learn how leadership

character code teaches us to Get Yourself, Get Truth, Get Over Yourself,

and Get Others.


This class is for young and

older adults.


Learn how to increase your interpersonal skills using the very powerful Color Code theory.


This class is for youth and adults.


Many of our children were affected educationally by the pandemic. We Care Ministry saw the need and developed a program that offers free in-person and virtual tutoring sessions to assist our youth in the areas of math and reading. Here's my personal experience: My child was really excited about starting kindergarten in 2019. Unfortunately, that excitement was cut short when schools were shutdown. This caused her eagerness and confidence level to decrease. Since attending the Saturday tutoring sessions, her reading and confidence level has improved. Raising confident individuals is very vital for their future. Together, we can help build our future leaders confidence levels! 

Tutoring Parent

As a result of the major health concerns that has stricken our economy and majorly affected the trajectory of our educational system. I am grateful for the skilled learning tools and assessment program taught by We Care Ministry. They saw a need and responded to that need. As a result, my grandchildren and nieces are not only able to maintain what the learned but are excelling academically as a result of the help received through the tutoring sessions provided.

Tutoring Parent

Mr. Kevin helped me to understand math by asking me, "do I understand" and I told him I was struggling with math division he explained and showed me how to work the problem. What I don't understand he explain deeper so I can understand it. That is how he helps me. I'm so happy that my Aunt signed me up for tutoring class. It has helped me get better grades in math.
4th Grade Tutoring Student

Changing the way students learn to virtual learning due to the pandemic, my family needed to continue to have my daughter learn virtually for the 2nd year in a row to protect her as she is unable to receive the vaccination to return to in person learning because she is severely allergic to more than 100 elements. Virtual learning took a toll because she missed the socialization in person learning provided. My child went from an A/B student to an F student. I signed her up for tutoring and she became interested in learning again. Her tutor was amazing with having patience and being a support my daughter could rely on. Not only did she remind my daughter of strategies she could use and helped her to reinforce her critical thinking skills, but she also addressed her emotional needs. The tutoring program sees beyond the academics and support students with what they need to be successful!  

Tutoring Parent